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[Comments] (4) Close Calls, Misses, and Dead On Messes: Samuel is making trouble at every turn. Today he dumped out a carton containing 9 eggs, which went splat! on the kitchen floor. The other day, I caught him just before he poured a cup full of apple juice inside the drum of our empty dryer. He flushed half a roll of toilet paper down the toilet that luckily didn't overflow. He sucked his "silkie" piece of comfort blanket into the vacumn hose, and I cannot get it out. Then one other that I can think of that has vexed me this week was when he took out my precious 1/2 gallon of grade a pure maple syrup and started pouring it over the kitchen bench. I found him licking his fingers.

Admittedly, some of these are my own fault, born out of my own negligence (I was washing dishes and letting him play with the vacumn when he lost his silkie, shame on me), but what a mischevious little boy. If I could chain my fridge closed, that would solve 50% of his messes. Three steps forward, two steps back. That is the story of my life. At least I'm mostly one step ahead.


Posted by John at Wed Dec 15 2004 14:32

It is reading your weblog that reminds me why I am not going to get my PhD and why I am not ready to have kids. I can laugh at your experiences because they are not mine. I hope you are able to laugh at them too!

Posted by Alyson at Thu Dec 16 2004 05:02

Sometimes. Often I am too desperate to do anything but laugh.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Dec 16 2004 09:51

You can vent here whenever you want - call, too, if you want. Also, consider reading the tales of a woman in Chicago who also has two small boys. They drive her nuts, too.


Posted by Alyson at Fri Dec 17 2004 13:00

That is hilarious! Another maple syrup mess. Sounds like hers was much worse to clean than my mess.

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