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[Comments] (1) : Atticus and I are suffering from an awful head cold. Moaning on the floor, Atticus said it all when he cried, "Oh, my head feels as heavy as a bowling ball!" What more can I add?

[Comments] (3) : I've tried to raise my boys as nice, pacifist human beings. I've never bought them guns, not even water guns. I do try to be reasonable, though. I don't forbid them to play with their friends' toy guns, and they have received a handful of water guns that we use for water games outside. Even with all my efforts, Atticus and Samuel have found many alternatives for symbolic gun play, despite my attempts to avoid having toy guns in our home. They've used sticks, Duplos, vacuum accessories, and today, they were using train tracks. But there was a strangely reassuring moment as I watched them shoot at random objects in the room. When Samuel aimed his "gun" at me and made shooting noises, Atticus turned in alarm to face him. "Samuel," he said, "you've shot your own mother!!"

[Comments] (2) Counting Atticus: I keep a running tally of where the name Atticus pops up, and since it is a rarely used name, this task isn't too hard. People who know other Atticuses always tell me about their such-and-such friend who named their dog Atticus, or their kid who plays with an Atticus. So far, I know of a young boy Atticus that lives in Logan, Utah, another boy living in the San Francisco area, a dental patient that Dave's cousin cares for in Calgary, Alberta, and even an Atticus of about 9 years that lives somewhere in Lawrence. There is of course the Atticus clothing line made popular by the band Blink-182. I wouldn't be aware of this except that my siblings are pretty hip human beings, and they keep me informed. And last but not least, there is the bookstore Atticus Books that no longer has a shop location, but sells online.

Last night, as Dave and I watched the excellent Manchurian Candidate (critics said to skip the re-make and watch the old one, but the old one doesn't have Meryl Streep!!!), I learned of another Atticus, the sinister and unethical scientist Atticus Noyle. I wonder why they named that character Atticus.

[Comments] (1) : Oh, woe is me! Harry Potter is torturing me! I am like Tantalus! I have my book, but I cannot read because I'm up to my neck in mommy business! Woe, WOE!!

[Comments] (1) A Bit of Holiday: My brother, Dave, is flying in for a visit tonight. We're going to stay at a hotel in Kansas City for the next two nights (Dave W.'s idea and gift) so we can enjoy the upmost efficiency of fun while seeing the sights in the city. I think the water park Oceans of Fun is in the plan, as well as the American Jazz Museum with an evening at the Blue Room for some live Jazz for sure. Looking forward to it!! Maybe I'll even get in some more Half-Blood Prince reading. *only half way done*

[Comments] (3) Waking the Senses: I'm so devoid of wakefulness this morning. Too many late nights. Trying to pep myself up with local-dairy-chocolate-milk and oj.


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