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[Comments] (11) Thinking Thoughts: I never get baby hungry during the day. My hands are too full, and the boys keep me running to catch up. Another child right now would be utter insanity. I know that. But when they are asleep, looking cherubic in their fuzzy pajamas, cuddling innocently with a favorite stuffed leopard or doggie, I think, "Wahhh, I want to have another baby--they are so sweet and wonderful." The problem is, the children are asleep. . .


Posted by Kristen at Mon Feb 27 2006 20:53

All the sweeter to enjoy when you are ready again.

Posted by Sabine at Tue Feb 28 2006 14:21

I have sensed this for a while now, I was just waiting for you to say it.

David is almost done with school, catch your breath and then "move forth boldly," as HGF would say in his delighful tone of voice.

Posted by Jen Taylor at Thu Mar 02 2006 11:00

And how wonderful it will be when you have a little GIRL!! : )

Posted by David at Mon Mar 06 2006 14:28

Samuel and Atticus have been talking about their wishes lately. If granted one wish, Atticus says that he would have ten arms growing out of his back. Samuel wants a dog. A real dog. Not another one of his many toy dogs. Atticus always seems to quickly point out to Samuel why he can't have a dog--our landlord, Kermit, has a no-pet rule (fortunately for us). Noone has to explain to Atticus that his dream is not possible. Samuel's wish will not be deterred by our present situtation. Yesterday he explained that he'd name his future dog Silky--some of you will know why.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Mar 07 2006 16:28


Posted by Melissa Brandvold at Wed Mar 08 2006 07:16

I just have to say that seeing those cute pictures of your little boys (even being awake) makes me want more children. Of course still shots without sound are similar to sleeping children-- all the cuteness with none of the stress.

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed Mar 08 2006 07:54

I can get him a Maltese or a Yorkie with papers for $200. We have an aquaintance here who breeds them, but Louise says that they are the kinds of dogs that should be made into slippers.

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 08 2006 09:21

Is your landlord really named Kermit??

Posted by Alyson at Wed Mar 08 2006 12:32

He claims to be the original Kermit. He really is named Kermit. He kind-of looks like Kermit-the-frog, too.

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 08 2006 13:12

I hope his parents didn't look at him when he was born, then name him after a frog...

Posted by Joe Walch at Sat Mar 11 2006 17:05

Theodore Roosevelt's In-Laws were surnamed Kermit, and he named one of his children Kermit as well.

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