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[Comments] (3) For the arrow is flown, and the moments are gone. . .: Left Utah yesterday at 4:30 MST. Drove straight to Kansas. Glad to have arrived safely (at 10:30 pm CST). Boys are grumpy and tired today. Stayed home; played with Legos. Feel vacant in mind and heart. I miss my cousins and long for Frances.


Posted by Rachel at Wed May 17 2006 22:38

We miss you too, Aly, and are selfishly wishing you were here to help us pack.

Posted by Jill at Thu May 18 2006 12:51

I miss everyone too...
Also how did you make the wonderful fruit yougurt stuff? I'm telling you, david had it right...you need to make a cookbook. :)

Posted by Susie at Sat May 20 2006 12:25

We miss you too! But you have legos!

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