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[Comments] (2) Trek Across Town: Well, our car is in the shop--for the very frivolous reason that the sunroof won't shut! And the local weather people keep threatening rain! Argh! Anyway, I dropped Atticus off at school, took the car to the shop, pumped up the tires on our double "stroller" (an adapted bike chariot is more accurate), and went off to a nearby park to play with Samuel until it was time for Atticus to be out of school. Then I pushed the boys two miles home, and here we are: tired and ready for a siesta. At least I am.


Posted by rachel at Mon May 22 2006 11:39

I had that happen to me once in my old car. Sounds like you deserve a nap!

Posted by Michelle at Fri May 26 2006 17:23

Way to work it, girl!

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