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[Comments] (2) The Stars at Night, are Big and Bright . . . : We're here in San Antonio for David W's wedding festivities. We arrived yesterday around 5:30 after twelve and a half hours on the road (that's right folks, we left Kansas at 4:00am), attended a 6pm session at the SA Temple (Ashley's first time), and crashed hard in bed afterwards. Today has been a whirl of activity including mostly work preparing for the reception tomorrow night. There has been some excitement at the expense of cousin Andrew Oman, who landed on his ear instead of his wakeboard while boating this morning. His eardrum is completely torn off inside his right ear. He's been waiting to see an ENT specialist for about six hours at the ER. We hope there a good remedy for this, and that Andrew gets his hands on some heavy duty pain killers soon.


Posted by Kristy at Tue May 30 2006 22:35

When you tire of the festivities in San Antonio, stop off at Keller! :-)

Posted by Alyson at Thu Jun 01 2006 14:33

Kristy, we came back Sunday morning. It was a really quick trip--a little too quick! I'll make sure we stop by to meet Charlie and see you guys soon, though. Goodness knows we'll be headed back that way again soon.

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