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[Comments] (4) Anniversaries: Now We Are Six: Yesterday was Atticus' birthday; he is six. That means yesterday marks the anniversary Dave and I became parents, which is sort of a scary thing. Have we really been doing this for six years??? Last night we had a small group of friends over for cake with candles and singing. We made the same chocolate cake recipe from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything that we've made for four out of six of Atticus' birthdays.

June 11th is now marked by another momentous occasion. As I was on the phone for a quick hello with a cousin, I heard cries of mob activity. The children, unattended, had begun a food fight in the kitchen! I walked into the room to find splatters of melted chocolate ice cream and icing on the walls, floor, and cupboards! There was grape juice spilled all over the floor (that I'd carefully mopped the night before in preparation for the get-together)! I would anticipate this kind of activity maybe at sixteen, but at six!! Yikes! At least I can console myself that the first globs of ice cream were thrown by the eight-year-old sibling of one of Atticus' friends . . . In the meantime, I'd better mop my floor now.


Posted by Rachel at Mon Jun 12 2006 08:58

sorry! yikes...

Posted by Kristy at Mon Jun 12 2006 10:10

Sounds like a very lively party!

Posted by Renee G. at Mon Jun 12 2006 15:25

Oh my! I have heard those "just mopped" stories of yours so often, and yet they always bring a small pain to my chest when I think of you and your attempt at a clean kitchen floor! Samuel was always the juice culprit! Hopefully you can enjoy the day and celebrate 6 years of dirty floors and full hearts!

Posted by Michelle at Mon Jun 12 2006 19:22

Oh, that Taylor! ;) It just wouldn't be a party without a food fight!

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