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[Comments] (13) Beat the Heat: Dave e-mailed an article about Lawrence temps soaring to 106 degrees (115 with humidity). I'm very much enjoying the Canadian cool. I'd trade my husband for the heat any day, though, now that we've spent three weeks apart. That is a long time. Nevertheless, the boys and I are enjoying ourselves. Here are some of our summer highlights:

Atticus had one hope for himself this summer. He drew pictures of his goal during the last days of preschool, and he's talked about his intent constantly since summer began. He really wanted to jump off the diving board, and now his jumping skills are old hat. He does it completely unassisted, too! Never to be left in his brother's dust for too long, Samuel is also jumping solo off the diving board and swimming to the side without help. This is all very exciting.

Dave's sister, Patty, and her hubby, Shawn, live on a real life Alberta ranch/farm. Shawn raises cattle and has one volunteer buffalo (apparently he enjoys the social scene). He also farms 4-5,000 acres of canola, barley, wheat, and oats. The boys love going out to see their three kitties, one dog, and four ATVs.

We have four rambunctious boy cousins and a very sweet baby girl cousin we get to play with everyday. Plus more kidoes in and out of town every week.

Uncle Mark has successfully taught Atticus how to blow bubble gum bubbles.

I finally purchased a swimsuit that I like, though it is much cuter on this site than it is on my body. Isn't that the way it always goes?

I made friends with a fun, adventurous mom with two boys. She invited the boys and me to join her and her kids on a hike at Waterton Lakes National Park (these mountains make up Glacier National Park across the Canadian border). Hiking the park and skipping rocks on the lakes are always favorite pleasures when I'm in this part of the world.

Every time I go running (which isn't very regularly), I make sure to route my way around the Cardston Alberta Temple and then let my heart go pitter patter when I pass Dave's old high school on my way home.

And last, but not least, we went to Calaway Park, an amusment park that seems to be designed with kids age 2-12 in mind. We didn't have any fun that a dose of Gravol couldn't fix.


Posted by Julie Walch at Wed Jul 19 2006 22:46

I wont be going too canada until the end of august... we were going to come earlier but we decided to carpool with some friends that are going up for a missionary fairwell. Have you seen chuck parents?

Posted by Alyson at Thu Jul 20 2006 07:03

Jules, I have visited with both of Chuck's parents. You have my blessing, sista. What a small world!

Posted by Kristen at Thu Jul 20 2006 07:36

Sounds like summer fun! When are you coming home?

Posted by Michelle at Thu Jul 20 2006 12:13

Thanks for sharing all your fun summer news! Sounds like a beautiful place to be. I sure miss you around here, though...

Posted by Kristy at Thu Jul 20 2006 21:34

I want to go to Canada!!! It is SO hot in Texas.

What is Gravol?

Nice looking swimsuit! I'm sure you look fabulous, dahling. I have to wear a skirt to hide the jiggles, but you get one because it looks great on you. Lucky!

Posted by Renee G. at Fri Jul 21 2006 10:47

You have me reminiscing of my time in Alberta! Enjoy it! We too are loving the Canadian cool compared to the states! Your swimsuit is tres cute and I'm sure looks even better on you.

Have fun with all the family.

Posted by Alyson at Sat Jul 22 2006 09:15

Kristen, I come home on August 10th.

Kristy, Gravol is a medicinal cure for motion sickness. One little dose got Atticus on several rides he never would have tried otherwise. He has a very sensitive tummy, that boy.

Posted by Alyson at Sat Jul 22 2006 09:17

BTW, Kristy, I thought of you while I was in Calgary. Wasn't your Calgary/Banff tour last summer?

Posted by Julie at Sun Jul 23 2006 23:35

And what did you visit about???

Posted by Julie at Sun Jul 23 2006 23:35

And what did you visit about???

Posted by Julie at Sun Jul 23 2006 23:35

And what did you visit about???

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Jul 24 2006 14:03

Sounds like lots of fun.

Posted by Anne Marie at Tue Aug 01 2006 21:33

Alyson, you are such an adventurer. I can't believe all the fun you're having.

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