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[Comments] (3) Out of the House: Went to Uncle Shawn's softball game for an hour last night. Afterwards, went to see Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Carriage House Theater (a quaint community theater in Cardston) with the boys, Grandma, and Grandpa. Atticus and Samuel were thoroughly entertained.

Earlier in the day, I went with Ginger to Lethbridge for some shopping and and a girl's lunch (ahem, left the boys with Grandma). Ginger took me to a fabulous little local place, the Streatside Eatery. Everything on the menu looked great, and I coveted every dish that came out of the kitchen to other customers. I ordered the Thai chicken wrap and house Caesar salad (which came with a piece of Trident tucked in the top lettuce leaves--wrapped, and not chewed, friends). Oh, and let's not forget the turtle cheesecake. It was all extremely satisfying. I love a restaurant meal that feels so carefully handcrafted.


Posted by Kristen at Mon Jul 24 2006 11:06

I love any meal I don't have to make myself.

Posted by Kristy at Tue Jul 25 2006 10:34

Sounds delightful! But now I'm in the mood for a Thai chicken wrap.

Posted by Anne Marie at Tue Aug 01 2006 21:32

Alyson, I couldn't figure out how to post comments on your blog, but here we go. That sounds delicious. I miss enjoying your delicious cooking.

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