My Seussical Life for 2006 September

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[Comments] (7) The Lottery: Where to begin. Too hard to start where I ended. I am too far behind to do that. I've always felt pretty busy, but nothing compares to the busyness of life now. And I thought things would slow down with Atticus in half-day kindergarten and Samuel in preschool eight hours a week. Not so. In fact, things seem to become more rapid by the day.

I spent my afternoon running around preparing transcripts and some other paper work for Dave's job applications. As I am compiling all the different things each school requires for application, I feel like we are playing the lottery. Tomorrow I FedEx packets for the first set of schools due the first of October. Altogether, we are applying to about 25 schools. All of our applications should be out by mid November. I'm not sure how much I should say about our application process because of the very public nature of blogs. I will say that we have some exciting picks on our list. We're hoping for a million dollar win!

[Comments] (4) : Atticus is not happy about driving Dave to the airport (leaving for an academic conference in D.C. He'll be gone until Saturday night).

"I don't want to ride in the car for two hours!" he says. "It will waste all my bike riding time!"


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