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[Comments] (5) Survival of the Fittest: Let me just say, my boys are leaps and bounds more "fit" to "survive" these days than I am. They have never-ending energy. If you wish to have a glimpse of my life, just imagine a pile of Atticus/Samuel/Me on my queen sized bed at 8:30ish at night. Only one of us is asleep. Up goes the small finger into the nose of the sleeping one, or pinching go the fingers onto the closed eyelids to pry them open.

I cannot exaggerate how busy Dave's schedule keeps him these days, and he is paced for 15 hour work days/ six days a week until the middle of November.

Another part of the picture you might imagine in our daily life is this: a pair of boys overgrown for a two-toddler-stroller are pushed by the before mentioned tired mother down Louisiana Street at 7:00ish after dropping off dinner and a car (for that late night drive home from school). The stroller is a necessary hassle, or we would never make it past all the rocks-to-be-collected and cats-lurking-in-the-bushes to get home. Imagine also Dave writing feverishly in his basement office to prepare an impressive (hopefully) writing sample for job applications. He also works to complete two separate research papers to be presented at two academic conferences in the coming month, one mid-October, one early November. This is our life right now. Hey, and I'm actually having fun!


Posted by Michelle at Tue Oct 03 2006 10:09

Oh, Al. I got tired just reading your post. You are amazing to still be having fun through it all - pass your vibes my way, friend!

Posted by Sabine at Tue Oct 03 2006 18:41


Posted by Anne Marie at Tue Oct 03 2006 21:20

This sounds insane!!!! Call me sometime. I've got to get more details. You are such a trooper.

Posted by Kristy at Wed Oct 04 2006 14:08

I would never survive. And I'm sure your kids are thriving.

Hang in there ... and I really hope that maybe you'll end up in Texas! :)

Posted by Alyson at Mon Oct 09 2006 20:21

Kristy, we may be a family of Texans yet!

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