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[Comments] (5) "I'm going to the Nut Shop where it's fun. . .": Seven: the number of ping-pong-sized acorns in Samuel's pant pockets (from a walk home from Kindergarten).

Three: the number of Double Bubble gum pieces in Atticus' pockets (from the KU Homecoming Parade).

It always pays to check before washing!


Posted by Kristen at Tue Oct 10 2006 11:02

Ahh, little boys.

Posted by Sarah at Tue Oct 10 2006 14:39

What treasures! All I ever find are pens and business cards.

Posted by Anne Marie at Tue Oct 10 2006 21:14

Did your washer survive all that?

Posted by Michelle at Wed Oct 11 2006 11:32

ahhh so glad you found the gum before hand. i have many pieces impaled on my dryer walls.

Posted by Renee G. at Wed Oct 11 2006 19:01

Keep checking... someday you may actually make some money!

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