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[Comments] (6) Samuel Says: Dave and Samuel were negotiating how they would transport a large bag of library books from the car to the apartment. "How 'bout you carry the books, and I'll carry you?" Dave asked. Samuel liked this idea: "Yeah, and that's called teamwork!"

Today Dave finished revisions on a really important paper he is sending as a writing sample for job applications. I told the boys this and boasted that their Papa is a champion. Samuel responded, "Does this mean Papa can have a break day?"

And he did have a break. We celebrated by going out for pizza and attending the family story time at the Lawrence Public Library for the first time with busy Papa in tow.


Posted by Michelle at Thu Oct 12 2006 21:18

Hooray! It must feel like Christmas to have your busy hubby back for the day!

Posted by Sabine at Thu Oct 12 2006 21:59

Yeah Papa! :o)
Yeah Alyson, it won't be long now.
Hugs and blessings

Posted by Anne Marie at Thu Oct 12 2006 23:21

Hooray! It probably felt so good to have Dave around for the evening. Love you friend.

Posted by Susie at Fri Oct 13 2006 09:18

I love that definition of teamwork!

Posted by Kristy at Sun Oct 15 2006 18:49

Sounds nice!

Did you perchance visit Papa Keno's for pizza? Ah, the thin crust beauties at the Keno's ...

Posted by Alyson at Sun Oct 15 2006 19:43

No, Kristy. What we ate was only a travesty of Papa Keno's. I will not name names.

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