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[Comments] (4) I'm a real blogging loser!: Hello, friends. I'm not blogging much these days. When Dave is superbly, excruciatingly, wildly busy, I get a little addicted to the Internet. As part of my membership in Bloggers Anonymous, I have to lay off the stuff of blogs. Besides, the computer leaves town every time Dave does, and he is leaving again tomorrow (he has already been to Madison, Wisconsin, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia just in the last two months). Wish him luck on his first job interview--in the morning!


Posted by Kristy at Tue Nov 07 2006 10:25

Yes, Alyson, we miss you in the blogging world!

Good bye again, Dave. And computer. :-(

Posted by Rachel at Tue Nov 07 2006 19:33

Maybe when Dave gets a job they will give him a computer and you will have two! good luck dave!

Posted by Renee G. at Thu Nov 09 2006 16:04

Whatever we get to hear from you is always wonderful! Blog when you can, but live every day!

Posted by Melissa at Tue Nov 21 2006 13:38

I understand Alyson, I spend way too much time on the computer- more time than I have. Its a bit of a problem but a nice escape too.

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