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[Comments] (5) blurb: Hello. Life is still busy. Dave leaves town again tomorrow. Lots of decisions to be made. Enjoyed the holiday. Boys sleeping poorly, so we're all a bit tired. I'll be glad when spring is here. Wow, I'm in trouble if I'm already looking forward to spring.


Posted by Kristy at Sat Nov 25 2006 10:01

Hello, long lost Alyson!

Happy to hear from you.

Posted by Sabine at Sat Nov 25 2006 19:06


Posted by Jen Taylor at Sun Nov 26 2006 17:16

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! :) Seems to me someone will be 1 year shy of 30 in just a few days... hmmm... :)

Posted by Sumana at Sun Nov 26 2006 17:59

Happy Thanksgiving, A. Hang in there!

Posted by Renee G. at Mon Nov 27 2006 21:52

SPRING?! Try to enjoy the festivities a bit! It's hard when the future is so unknown though. Chin up.

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