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[Comments] (6) : I'm in California with my Aunt Frances. She is handling her pain like a champion.

[Comments] (1) Final News: My Aunt Frances died on Friday, the 5th of May, at about 1:30 pm. I was playing Settlers of the Catan with my cousins Leonard and John when Rachel checked on her, and found she was no longer breathing.

The family has been posting events of the last week on my Aunt Franny's Weblog. If you want to read more about her, and more about my week here in CA, check out her site.

[Comments] (3) For the arrow is flown, and the moments are gone. . .: Left Utah yesterday at 4:30 MST. Drove straight to Kansas. Glad to have arrived safely (at 10:30 pm CST). Boys are grumpy and tired today. Stayed home; played with Legos. Feel vacant in mind and heart. I miss my cousins and long for Frances.

[Comments] (2) Trek Across Town: Well, our car is in the shop--for the very frivolous reason that the sunroof won't shut! And the local weather people keep threatening rain! Argh! Anyway, I dropped Atticus off at school, took the car to the shop, pumped up the tires on our double "stroller" (an adapted bike chariot is more accurate), and went off to a nearby park to play with Samuel until it was time for Atticus to be out of school. Then I pushed the boys two miles home, and here we are: tired and ready for a siesta. At least I am.

[Comments] (2) Oh, Dear. . .: I've just received the third box shipped by me from Utah to Kansas, and it arrived with contents in shreds and a note ouside that it had been repackaged in Denver. All those books of remembrance from Frances' geneology library are totally dismembered. This is awful.

[Comments] (2) The Stars at Night, are Big and Bright . . . : We're here in San Antonio for David W's wedding festivities. We arrived yesterday around 5:30 after twelve and a half hours on the road (that's right folks, we left Kansas at 4:00am), attended a 6pm session at the SA Temple (Ashley's first time), and crashed hard in bed afterwards. Today has been a whirl of activity including mostly work preparing for the reception tomorrow night. There has been some excitement at the expense of cousin Andrew Oman, who landed on his ear instead of his wakeboard while boating this morning. His eardrum is completely torn off inside his right ear. He's been waiting to see an ENT specialist for about six hours at the ER. We hope there a good remedy for this, and that Andrew gets his hands on some heavy duty pain killers soon.


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