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thisweekwasablur: David and Ashley's wedding was beautiful. We ate a filling portion of Mexican food at Papasito's after pictures at the temple, and then feasted on Rudy's bar-b-que at the reception that night. After a very full Saturday, we drove back to Lawrence from SA on Sunday, leaving at 5:30 am and getting home around 7:00 pm. Morning driving is proving to be ideal for the boys. It was a wonderful trip.

We're mapping out our next summer journey--to Canada! We're planning to drive through South Dakota to Mt. Rushmore, then over to Yellowstone, and finally up to Cardston, Alberta. Plans are still pending for our return trip, but we'll likely come through Utah on the trusty I-70. In the meantime, I've purchased a pass for the Topeka and Kansas City zoos, so we're all set!


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