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[Comments] (3) Why not to use "don't" commands with children. . .: There we were, in my mother and step father's backyard pool, swimming. It becomes evident that Samuel urgently needs to pee. "Samuel, quick, go pee in the bushes!" I holler. He looks around, but the rough Texas grass isn't very inviting. "Well, pee on the grass, pee on the rocks (there is a nearby rock garden), I don't care, just don't pee in the p---!" Before I say the words, he turns, as if in slow motion, faces the pool, and whips down his pants. The deed is done.

Thank goodness for chlorine!


Posted by Renee G. at Tue Jun 06 2006 12:01

I can just picture this! You are always the master of not using "don't" - always the picture perfect person practicing the power of positive parenting (yikes... that's a lot of alliteration)... I'm guessing he would have done this regardless of your comment. I echo your salute to chlorine!!!

Posted by Michelle at Tue Jun 06 2006 15:08

That is classic...too bad you didn't catch it on camera - another Norman Rockwell!

Posted by Kristy at Tue Jun 06 2006 15:14

That is too funny! Why are kids so attracted to those darn "don'ts?"


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