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[Comments] (6) Reports: After the boys spent a week with "Moppie" and "Poppie," my parents had lots of tales to share. Here are the most quotable two:

While Atticus and Samuel were helping clean the pool, a june beetle crawled onto Atticus's foot. He watched it with curiosity. Samuel noticed the bug and came over to observe as well. After a moment, Samuel bent over and pinched the bug between his thumb and index finger, giving the little bug a complete squish. Poppie noticed and encouraged, "Hey, Samuel, why don't you eat that?" To which he replied, "Ewww, Poppie, it's already dead!"

After dinner one day, a 7.5 months pregnant family member remarked that she was completely stuffed. Samuel looked at her stomach with very wide eyes and stared in disbelief for about half a minute. After noticing this glance, the soon-to-be mommie said, "Samuel, there is a baby in my tummy." His look changed from one of disbelief to one of curiosity and he said, "It is a good thing boys don't have babies, because they would really want to use their tummies as a punching bag."


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