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[Comments] (6) Reports: After the boys spent a week with "Moppie" and "Poppie," my parents had lots of tales to share. Here are the most quotable two:

While Atticus and Samuel were helping clean the pool, a june beetle crawled onto Atticus's foot. He watched it with curiosity. Samuel noticed the bug and came over to observe as well. After a moment, Samuel bent over and pinched the bug between his thumb and index finger, giving the little bug a complete squish. Poppie noticed and encouraged, "Hey, Samuel, why don't you eat that?" To which he replied, "Ewww, Poppie, it's already dead!"

After dinner one day, a 7.5 months pregnant family member remarked that she was completely stuffed. Samuel looked at her stomach with very wide eyes and stared in disbelief for about half a minute. After noticing this glance, the soon-to-be mommie said, "Samuel, there is a baby in my tummy." His look changed from one of disbelief to one of curiosity and he said, "It is a good thing boys don't have babies, because they would really want to use their tummies as a punching bag."


Posted by kristen at Tue Mar 27 2007 11:52

I'm surprised you didn't include the cute story about Samuel wanting to spank the monkey's pink bottoms. hehe That last one is hilarious.

Posted by Alyson at Tue Mar 27 2007 14:15

I KNEW there was a third story, but I couldn't remember it for my life! Thanks!

Posted by Sumana at Tue Mar 27 2007 15:00

Punching bag! Ha!

Posted by Renee G. at Wed Mar 28 2007 11:25

Ughhh - bugs! Hilarious Alyson!

Posted by Anne Marie at Fri Mar 30 2007 06:55

Too funny! I love the stuff kids say.

Posted by Kristy at Wed Apr 04 2007 07:58

I can't believe he squished a june bug! That takes some muscle. Would he eat a live one, perhaps?

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