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[Comments] (4) Atticus Trivia: If you were to compare a picture of Atticus on the first day of school to a picture of him today, on his very last day of Kindergarten, which face would have the brightest smile? Well, I couldn't get a picture without him crying on the first day of school. Atticus was practically leaping and celebrating all afternoon. I'm afraid he will not like school in full day portions, but maybe a summer will mature him enough to be ready for next year. He does enjoy it while he is there at least, and he loves his teacher, Mrs. Broz.


Posted by Rachel at Thu May 24 2007 22:16

that will be me next week! I can't blame him for celebrating. school is hard work!

Posted by Kristen at Sat May 26 2007 06:24

Poor kid. I never knew someone to dislike school so much.

Posted by Anne Marie at Tue May 29 2007 15:42

Can't wait to see the cute guy! Glad he'll get a few months to relax and have a break.

Posted by Melissa Brandvold at Sat Jun 02 2007 18:41

I'm shocked he doesnt like school-- with such smart acadamic parents. I guess you just make life at home too much fun.

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