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[Comments] (8) Life is flowing like ketchup on chop suey. . .: Hey there. We will be Kansans for only three weeks more. Dave is waiting for his dissertation defense date to be set. The dissertation is written, but still needs polishing. The boys and I hang out at the outdoor pool every day. Our biggest hurrah: we bought a house in Tallahassee. It is a darling little house, very mid-century modern. It reminds me of my great Aunt Jeunie's homes, and I adore its every little detail. Come one, come all, to see us in Florida. We'll even take you to the beach!


Posted by Kristy at Mon Jun 25 2007 20:56

How very exciting! We will call you when we're in Florida for sure. Looking forward to hearing more about your new home!

Posted by John at Mon Jun 25 2007 21:00

Congrats on becoming a homeowner! I'm sure your first garden will be amazing.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 26 2007 07:44

yay for finding the perfect house! So happy!

Posted by Anne Marie at Thu Jun 28 2007 03:59

Congratulations! Best of luck as you finish packing for your move.

Posted by sarah at Fri Jun 29 2007 13:48


this is your cousin sarah (scoll)------i tried emailing you with the "contact alyson" link, but it came back to me....i wasn't too optimistic seeing that it was a byu email address, but tried anyway. i heard about dave's new job and now the house! congratulations on all of it. i hope you are doing well, just wanted you to know i was thinking about you.

Posted by Rachel at Sat Jun 30 2007 00:03

best of luck to you and dave!

Posted by Sarah at Sun Jul 01 2007 08:54

We are so excited on the upcoming move. Best of luck with final preparations. We look forward to hearing about your exciting adventures in Florida.

Posted by Emily at Mon Jul 02 2007 08:43

Alyson, I will miss you so! But I am really excited for you and your family. Congrats on the job and the house!

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