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[Comments] (10) And the shackles fall away: Dave has successfully defended his dissertation, and it has been accepted WITH NO FURTHER REVISIONS!!! I cannot stress how wonderful this is! It is not common to pass without needing a few changes at least. Listen up world! Dave is DONE with his PhD! This means graduation! Bring on the confetti! We are no longer students! Bring on the real grown up parts of life (like a salary)!


Posted by Sarah at Mon Jul 02 2007 11:41


Posted by Rachel at Mon Jul 02 2007 17:05

yay congrats!! you must be thrilled

Posted by Anne Marie at Mon Jul 02 2007 19:04

Congratulations!!!! Very impressive, Dave! And great job, Alyson, supporting him through this! You deserve to pass with flying colors as well.

Posted by Emily at Mon Jul 02 2007 20:25

Congratulations! What a smart man you have!

Posted by Michelle at Tue Jul 03 2007 10:41

Congratulations - to both of you!! Bring on the celebrations!

Posted by Renee G. at Wed Jul 04 2007 08:19

It's moments like this that make you want to declare, "There is a God" - though it may seem a bit sacriligious! Congrats! I know you didn't get to this point alone!

Posted by Brendan at Wed Jul 04 2007 16:29

Wow! Congratulations!

Posted by Kristy at Fri Jul 06 2007 08:44

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your family. You must be so excited to move onto the next chapter of life ... like a salary! ;)

Posted by Jen Taylor at Fri Jul 06 2007 10:15

Congratulations, what an accomplishment! :) I was so good to see all of you at Julie's wedding. I miss you all more then you know... such a beautiful family! Love you!

Posted by Kristen at Sun Jul 08 2007 14:27

Yay! So exciting and what a relief. Hope you guys can enjoy the rest of your summer.

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