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[Comments] (3) A pinch, please: I'm pretty unmotivated right now. We leave in less than a week, and I haven't done much to get ready. FSU is paying for packers and movers to do the job, so my laziness is conceivable but unwise. The truth is, organization and children are antithetical. And somehow I can't imagine that I am really going to leave this place.


Posted by Anne Marie at Fri Jul 13 2007 08:44

Packing and moving are the pits! Good luck with it, friend! Hope the next week goes well. You are totally right. It is so hard to get things done with kiddos around getting into fights, making messes, and needing your time.

Posted by rachel at Sat Jul 14 2007 15:03

you won't until you do! good luck!

Posted by Sabine at Sun Jul 22 2007 16:55

I am going to miss you much my friend.

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