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[Comments] (8) Whirling Dervish: Thursday July 19th: We sign all paperwork and commit ourselves to a home mortgage. Receive keys to our house. Discover that the a/c is broken. Hello Florida heat.

Friday July 20th: We purchase a rake and a copy of Harry Potter book 7.

Saturday July 21st: Read Harry Potter. Rake spots in the backyard that have decaying leaves, pine needles and Maple tree pods. Discover two pear trees and two banana trees. Don't know if bananas are edible. Pears are delish. Establish a compost pile.

Sunday July 22nd: Moving truck arrives at 7:40am. Our house becomes full of boxes! Boys' room is unpacked and all set. Unfortunately, boxes are not as fun to deal with as Deathly Hallows.

Monday July 23rd: Get all school enrollment errands done (transfer immunization records to "Florida card," get "Florida" physicals. Obtain Florida driver's license.

Tuesday July 24th: The A/C guy comes. The motor is all a bust.

Wednesday July 25th: We leave at 4:30am central time to return borrowed car to parents in S.A., purchase new vehicle, and catch a flight for Calgary (cheaper fare from SA than home). Rain gets pretty scary so we stay the night at a hotel in Katy, TX.

Thursday July 26th: Finish drive to SA, purchase Honda Odyssey, hang with the family.

Friday July 27th: Early flight to Calgary, then four hour drive to family reunion destination in British Colombia. Finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Tired boys. Tired parents.

Today: Had a good time kayaking. Purchased some B.C. cherries and creamed B.C. honey at the Farmer's market. Don't have to cook, clean, or unpack boxes. Love that mountain air.


Posted by Michelle at Sun Jul 29 2007 06:36

alyson! i can hardly believe that i'm commenting on this, and you are already moved away. i have a sad little feeling in my heart.

however...i am so excited for all of your adventures! congrats on the odyssey...woohoo! and sounds like your house is coming together nicely, despite the a/c snafu. how nice to have fruit trees! i am outright jealous of the fact that you are in B.C. right now - it is sooo beautiful and it sounds like you and your family are making the most of it! oh, how i miss you already! we pack up and pull out tomorrow. let's never lose touch.

Posted by John at Sun Jul 29 2007 10:16

Wow, Alyson. I never took you for a minivan woman. But I bet the boys love the self-opening doors.

Posted by Kristen at Sun Jul 29 2007 18:35

Can't wait to see you some more when your reunion is up!

Posted by Alyson at Sun Jul 29 2007 22:21

I know, John. What am I to do? At least it is a Honda. I'm interested to hear what car did you imagine for me?

Posted by Anne Marie at Mon Jul 30 2007 18:34

Friend, what a week! So sorry about the a/c! What a pain! Congrats on the minivan! That sounds like a great purchase. I am dying to talk to you about Harry Potter! Enjoy the family reunion.

Posted by John at Tue Jul 31 2007 08:47

I guess a hybrid car? You could be a minivan person. Definitely not an SUV person, though. Or am I mistaken?

Posted by Debbi at Tue Jul 31 2007 11:55

Alyson, What happened to the Sienna what changed your mind? I am just curious. Congrats it's a good van. We should find a chat room when you get back and have an online discussion of Harry Potter with everyone who is interested. Have fun on your vacation!

Posted by Jen Taylor at Wed Aug 01 2007 06:21

Alee - welcome back to the south! ;) What a month for you -Congratulations! Glad to hear you are having fun. :) Love you!

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