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[Comments] (15) : After a wild four months preparing nearly thirty job applications, sending Dave to interview at six universities, and weighing three offers, we have made a final decision. We have accepted an assistant professor appointment in the Reubin O'D. Askew School of Public Adminstration and Policy at Florida State University. Yay, Dave! Way to go! It really is a fabulous opportunity. I am very pleased. Tallahassee, here we come!


Posted by Ann at Thu Jan 04 2007 00:51

Wow, Congrats! Moving all the way to sunny Florida, I hope we can see eachother before you go. I am so happy for you guys!

Posted by Leonard at Thu Jan 04 2007 07:26


Posted by Susie at Thu Jan 04 2007 09:41

congratulations! (that's so far away!)

Posted by Kristen at Thu Jan 04 2007 11:09

An exciting adventure. I am so happy for you guys.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jan 04 2007 11:14

Neato! Wow, three offers out of six interviews sounds like a darn good yield. When's the move? Should we try to visit you before?

Posted by Rachel at Thu Jan 04 2007 18:26

yay congrats!

Posted by Brendan at Fri Jan 05 2007 08:43


Posted by Joe Walch at Fri Jan 05 2007 13:47

There are some who plant seed that takes longer to bear fruit, and others who plant short-season seed. You and Dave are examples to Louise and I of the faith it takes to plant that type of seed which requires long-term care, but which bears enduring fruit. As Dumas said, the enduring experiences of human existance can be summed up in two words; wait and hope.

It was wonderful to be with you during Christmas.

Posted by Anne Marie at Sat Jan 06 2007 22:52

Congratulations! Both of you should feel really proud of yourselves. You've put in years of hard work.

Posted by Renee G. at Sun Jan 07 2007 20:12

YEAH YEAH YEAH! When do you move? Can you believe this is happening! A whole new world - wow! Congrats to you BOTH!

Posted by John at Mon Jan 08 2007 11:01


Posted by Julie at Mon Jan 08 2007 18:25

Flordia!??!! I can't wait to come visit!

Posted by Jen Taylor at Mon Jan 08 2007 19:19

That is great news! Congratulations!! let us know when the big move is. :)

Posted by Kristy at Mon Jan 08 2007 19:34

Congratulations!! You are going to love Florida, I think. Matt would move there today if we had the chance. I am so very excited for you guys. It's been a long road!

Posted by Jill Whitney at Sun Jan 14 2007 14:41

Yea ally and dave!! I'm so excited for you guys, that is an aawesome opportunity. I'm also glad we got to see you recently because it sounds like it may be awhile before we see you again! mush love.


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