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[Comments] (15) Expecting News: My life feels like a great run-on sentence. . . We had a chaotic summer, a big move, and right as we were getting settled, I began feeling constantly nauseous and fatigued. Number three baby Matkin is on the way, due to arrive close to Atticus' birthday (june 11th). We are thrilled, but I think I would prefer if I never in my life had to eat another meal or puke it back up.


Posted by Sumana at Tue Nov 20 2007 07:19

WHEEEE YAY congrats! Leonard says this qualifies you for "Mega-Mom" status. I look forward to hearing more about your new little one!

Posted by Alyson at Tue Nov 20 2007 07:24

Woah, that sounds impressive! Thanks for your congrats, Sumana.

Posted by Michelle at Tue Nov 20 2007 08:04

Alyson!! Congrats, my friend! Boy do I miss you. Are you planning to find out the sex of the baby?

Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 20 2007 08:07

Happy news!

Posted by John at Tue Nov 20 2007 08:22

I was hoping you would post the news. Congrats!

Posted by Joseph D. Walch at Tue Nov 20 2007 10:21

Congratulations. Perhaps now you will have a little feminine influence in the sibling family (how would Samuel react to having a little sister?).

Posted by Debbi at Tue Nov 20 2007 10:27

Congrats Alyson I have been meaning to e-mail you since Rachel R. told me your great news. I hope the morning sickness doesn't last much longer!

Posted by Kristen at Tue Nov 20 2007 14:29

I can't wait! I hope it is a girl. I know I said it, but I can take it back if it is a boy. Wahoo!

Posted by Melissa at Tue Nov 20 2007 18:40

Hooray Alyson- I am so glad I checked your blog---that is very exciting news. I really feel for you though- early pregnancy is so miserable for me too- I dont know why it has to be so hard. I hope it passes quickly for you.

Posted by Sarah at Tue Nov 20 2007 20:08

Congrats! We are so excited for you. I hope the sick feeling passes soon. We are hoping for a girl for you too!

Posted by Kristy at Wed Nov 21 2007 11:08

Hooray! Congratulations! I am so excited for you and your family. And so glad you're back in the blogging world -- I've missed you!

Posted by Camie at Wed Nov 21 2007 16:27

Congrats and thanks for sharing! I've been needing an update!

Posted by Julie at Thu Nov 22 2007 16:44

I can't wait until you have your third!!! You are such an amazing mom!!!

Posted by Anne Marie at Fri Nov 23 2007 17:22

Congratulations!!! We are so thrilled for you.

Posted by Ann at Sun Nov 25 2007 00:42

I am so totally happy for you. I am just overjoyed. Yeah, Alyson's going to be a mommy! Please keep the news coming. Oh by the way, we live in Boulder now. Crazy huh?

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