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[Comments] (5) Atticus Funnies: I've had the stomach flu and a mild fever, and spent most of the weekend lying on the couch eating saltines and sipping Canada Dry and Gatorade. Atticus was very jealous that he had to eat his saltines in the kitchen, and he tried to negotiate eating them in the living room. He whined to Dave "Why does Mom get to eat in the living room?" He answered, "Well, first of all, she is the mama. Second of all, she is sick!"

"Awww," he protested, "But only 'low-grade!'"


Posted by Ann at Mon Feb 19 2007 00:49

Alyson, I hope you feel better soon! Ann

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Feb 19 2007 09:25

Next thing you know he'll be spouting off that you "only have a silly little rotavirus--get over it already; and take some interfuron while your at it so I don't have to suffer too long without a mommy"

Dr. Atticus in deed.

Posted by Anne Marie at Mon Feb 19 2007 14:09

I'm so sorry. Stomach bugs are the worst! Hope the germs will leave the rest of your family alone.

Posted by Rachel at Tue Feb 20 2007 16:18

cutie. I hope you feel better soon!

Posted by Renee G. at Fri Feb 23 2007 07:05

Awwwww. And yet you're still blogging?! Feel better soon.


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