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[Comments] (3) Scar Face: If you were to meet Samuel on the street today, you would find a boy whose face is scraped and scratched. Most of these are due to landing face first in the Broken Arrow Elementary playground wood chips after attempting some crazy stunt (while waiting for Atticus to get out of school). The cuts on his right cheek, for instance, resulted from a fall from the monkey bars. He lost his hold while hanging upside down and I was not fast enough to catch him. He went splat, and then got up to try it again. The most recent and noticeable of his injuries, however, are three abrasions on forehead, down the bridge to the tip of his nose, and on his upper lip.

Last Thursday, Samuel was experimenting on the swings. He discovered that if he intertwines each leg around a chain, he can swing upside down. Then he found that by releasing his legs from the chains while swinging forward, the momentum can flip him to land on his back, the fall padded by the wood chips. But this success was not easily repeated because the second time he attempted the trick (and after I forbade him to do it again), he landed face first.

My poor boy. He has to learn the hard way I guess.


Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 09 2007 11:38

It sounds like the hard way is more fun. I used to love swinging from my legs like that, but I never tried to land face first in the wood chips.

Posted by Anne Marie at Mon Apr 09 2007 16:32

Poor Samuel!

Posted by Kristy at Wed May 02 2007 20:36

Poor little guy! I used to do that, too, but usually landed on my feet. Hope his scrapes heal quickly!


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