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[Comments] (3) Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!: It has been raining for four days, so each day has felt very long. Dave has been worrying over his defense, I've been ill, and between those two things I've been feeling very sorry for myself. Atticus asked me one afternoon why I was being so grumpy. Right when he said it I had a moment of realization. "I've been poisoned!" I said, and this caught his interest. . . "I've been poisoned with self-pity!" Atticus reacted as if self-pity was not a very imaginative kind of poison, but I had a laugh at myself and felt better. At least for a little while. The boys and I have become used to spending a good deal of time outside each day, so the rain is a bummer. We miss the swimming pool and time on our bikes.

All the time inside has lead to some mischief. Here is the list of biggest mischief made: 1) I found the boys smearing wart medicine on their lips like it was chapstick (it is packaged in a tube). 2) They discovered a jar of buttons, and while attempting to open it, they broke the glass. Atticus decided after the incident to bring be to the corner where they'd hidden all the pieces. Good thing. 3) Samuel dropped a spoon in the toilet. Though dropping it there was a genuine accident, I still had to fish it out with my hands (he dropped it out of his mouth while standing to go pee). Gross!! 4) Atticus started a small cloth bag on fire in the microwave. Luckily, no damage was done. Except to the cloth bag.

We finally celebrated Dave's birthday today! Yay, happy thirty-four! He is back on campus tonight working on his presentation for Monday morning. Our fingers are crossed. I think he liked his cake, though, a Boston Cream Pie. The boys and I certainly enjoyed making it. Our real fun and highlight of the week was seeing Ratatouille at the theater this afternoon. We LOVED it!!! It is a winner for sure. Maybe I'll write a review. . .


Posted by John at Sat Jun 30 2007 22:36

Those mischievious stories made me happy my little Maggie can't walk yet! And that is something I needed to read, as she likes to be held a lot and it's exhausting. Thanks.

We are planning seeing Ratatouille, so glad to know it has received your thumbs up.

Posted by Anne Marie at Mon Jul 02 2007 10:51

So sorry about all the rain. I can totally relate as we have had overcast/stormy days for literally 12 days in a row, and it gets very old. We've been able to slip in swimming on 2 or 3 of the days that have been partly cloudy for part of the day, but it is so wearying. I'm excited to see Ratatouille when it comes out on DVD.

Posted by Kristen at Sun Jul 08 2007 16:23

Happy Birthday Dave!


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