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[Comments] (8) Monsters Under the Bed: Samuel is convinced there are monsters under his bed. He never has had this worry before, so we had an extended conversation about it to clear his mind. I assured him--promised him there was nothing but a few boxes and stuffed toys under his bed. He is not persuaded, however, because he has evidence. "Mom, I know they are there because every night they use my water to make their stew! I only drink half."

And those puddles I often wipe up from his sports bottle lying open on its side? Unrelated.


Posted by Anne marie at Wed Feb 13 2008 19:26

What a cutie! Love his imagination.

Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 14 2008 08:31

Maybe you should watch Monster's Inc together =)

Posted by Joseph D. Walch at Thu Feb 14 2008 09:32

That's funny.

You should ask if he hears them. I am sitting in Psychopathology class right now (BORING) learning about antipsychotics, and that's the key question.

Posted by Joseph D. Walch at Thu Feb 14 2008 16:04

not that i'm saying Samuel is schizophrenic. You can just say "how do you know they're boiling water when you can't see them or hear them?"

Or, perhaps you can watch the old animated version of "The Hobbit" and ask if Samuel thinks the monsters are like the trolls who were boiling the water to cook the Hobbits.

Ok, perhaps that's not such a good idea after all.

Posted by Liz at Thu Feb 14 2008 19:06

I love it! I wonder if my students check out blogs when I am lecturing? Cute blogs versus research methods lecture???? Yep, I'd be checking out cute blogs too.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Feb 16 2008 21:03

He's got the evidence, there's no disputing that. Your kids have such fantastic imaginations.

Posted by ann at Sun Feb 17 2008 14:32

when we were kids we had "Monster Spray", it was just a spray bottle labeled monster spray. Maybe that would help.
Just don't let him read Calvin and Hobbs just yet!

Posted by Jen Taylor at Mon Feb 18 2008 10:12

Thank you for posting that little story - you just made my day. :)

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