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[Comments] (8) Many Adventures: We've enjoyed great outings the past two weekends. Last weekend we went boating up the St. Marks River into a wildlife preserve area, then up the Wakulla River. Best of all, I piloted our way into the Gulf of Mexico near where these two rivers converge in the Florida panhandle. It was my first experience driving a boat. Very exhilarating. We saw dolphins in the Gulf! And along the St. Marks we spotted many tortoises sunning themselves, but never a crocodile to smile at where I can find him.

Atticus had quite the appetite after our boating day, and very much wanted to eat supper at this great little restaurant on the water (we've eaten there twice before). We weren't up for dining out, but were impressed by his culinary interest--he said he was craving seafood. We were nearly ready to cave, and things might have turned out in his favor. . . but when we asked him what he planned to order, he said "a corndog." Not going for that one.

This past weekend we took our first trip to Orlando (five hours distance). Hoping it will help get us to the LDS Orlando Temple regularly, we dropped a HUGE chunk of cash on Disney World Florida resident annual passes. Neither Dave nor I had ever been to Disney World before (of course neither had the boys). We made our first visit to Magic Kingdom. Everything was dazzling for the boys of course. Dave and I were impressed by how well things are run and maintained. I am looking forward to visiting the Animal Kingdom. I hear the exhibits there are impressive.


Posted by Michelle at Wed Mar 05 2008 16:24

it's so great to hear from you! sounds like you are loving your new, sunny life down there in florida. what a funny atticus...you will have lots of fun at animal kingdom! it was my favorite park when we went a few years ago. miss you, friend!

Posted by Renee G. at Wed Mar 05 2008 16:49

That's funny about the corn dog. I would not be surprised to hear one of your kids craving sea food though! I've been to Disney once but never the animal kingdom - what a treat for your boys! Do you swap off with each other to go to the temple or with another couple? Wondering how your pregnancy is going... :)

Posted by Sarah Beck at Thu Mar 06 2008 12:38

Hey Alyson! By the way, I'm excited that you're going to have a girl. Sounds like you're enjoying all that Florida has to offer.

Posted by Susie at Fri Mar 07 2008 08:40

yay for Disney!

Posted by Anne Marie at Fri Mar 07 2008 21:00

Sounds so fun. Congrats on driving the boat. I love the corndog comment from Atticus.

Posted by Kristy at Sun Mar 09 2008 11:30

That boat trip sounds amazing! I do so love Disney, but the Florida parks are overwhelming. You need to be a FL resident to enjoy them all! Animal Kingdom is fun, and not too big. I also love how everything Disney is clean.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Mar 10 2008 20:30

Atticus! Corndogs?! Now really! That is so awesome you got passes. You'll have to show me around one of these days.

Posted by Daina at Mon Mar 10 2008 20:36

I love reading your short snippets. Your kids are gems. We miss you guys a lot. Milo talks about Dave and the boys occasionally. I guess he's got a lot of good memories. I too am excited for your baby girl. What names are being discussed? The name Daina is a great one!

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