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[Comments] (15) They say I should buy pink: I didn't plan to find out the gender of this baby when I went for an ultrasound today. I didn't want to be disappointed about such a silly thing as gender. All the wiggles and kicks are miracle enough to pleased with the entirety of this little package. And I love my boys. I'll take boys any day. But it seems to be a girl.

I'll believe it when I see it.


Posted by Camie at Thu Jan 10 2008 17:39

Hooray Alyson!! Warning: buying pink can get very addicting and expensive!! That is great news--thanks for sharing!

Posted by Emily Miller at Thu Jan 10 2008 18:41

Hey! I just read your baby news this morning. Congratulations!

Posted by Kristen at Thu Jan 10 2008 21:37

Hooray! I can live vicariously through you with a new baby and maybe even a few cute pink things.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Jan 11 2008 03:38

Hurray! Congrats!

Posted by Sarah at Fri Jan 11 2008 08:58

Congratulations! Having a girl is so much fun, and it's true that buying pink is very addicting.

Posted by Julie Browne at Fri Jan 11 2008 12:21

I can't wait for the Matkin Girl!!

Posted by Michelle at Fri Jan 11 2008 13:02

oh, al! i couldn't be more excited for you! it gives me hope!

Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 11 2008 17:17

I'll believe it when I see it too. Maybe I will have to visit ;)

Posted by Amy Thomson at Fri Jan 11 2008 20:26

Ginger told me the news yesterday, and I am so excited for you and Dave!!!! I love having a little bit of pink in my home, and I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to raise a daughter. (Although countless people have told me that my one daughter will give me more trouble than my 5 boys combined -- I guess time will tell)
I am so happy for you guys (and trust me you won't fully believe it till you have her in your arms). I love you. I am most curious to hear about how your boys reacted to the news, I will have to call you.

Posted by ann at Sat Jan 12 2008 01:54

Girls are fun too!

Posted by Melissa at Sat Jan 12 2008 13:03

Wow- that is big news. When they told me I was having a girl with Makenna I didnt really believe it either and I hardly bought any pink- I was too worried they must be wrong. I'm excited for you and your family though- it will be a fun change!

Posted by Renee G. at Sat Jan 12 2008 19:31

Alyson - YEAH! How special to have a chance at mothering a girl. Not only will you be buying pink, but think of all those books you'll get to share with her! Congrats.

Posted by Anne Marie at Sun Jan 13 2008 18:01

Congrats, friend! I'm so thrilled for you.

Posted by Jen Taylor at Wed Jan 16 2008 09:04

Oh, I am SO happy for you... a little blonde in braids running around with 2 big brothers for protection! :)

Posted by Kristy at Thu Jan 17 2008 09:41

How exciting! I love every second with my boys, but it would be fun to have the chance to parent both genders. What do your boys think?


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