My Seussical Life for 2009 November

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[Comments] (6) Curry House: Hello again. Remember me?

So. . . on Veteran's Day aka Remembrance Day we hosted a curry potluck for Dave's students. Dave currently has about 80 (all graduate) students, and all were invited. About 30 minutes into the party, I took a head count and discovered 45 guests in my house. Still more arrived as the afternoon continued. It was a blast. Dave says, and I agree, it was the best potluck spread he'd ever seen. Only one other could compare, a brunch potluck among (mostly) Mennonite families during our Kansas days.

We made huge pots of Thai red curry with pineapple, coconut milk and shrimp as well as lentil and potato curry. Also, we provided an abundance of brown and sticky white rice, and two coolers of sodas and bottled waters. I think the students and their families/partners had a great time hanging out. Watch out for future curry parties under our roof. We plan to host one every semester!

[Comments] (2) Reverence is more than just quietly sitting. . .: Dave is Bishop of our ward. One of the challenges of this responsibility is that I am on my own every Sunday during Sacrament Meeting. Persuading young boys and a toddler to sit in one place for an hour for any reason is a task, and an hour of church is no exception. I am anxious for my boys to behave themselves reasonably because I often leave them alone to take Molly out when she needs to wander and make noise. This makes church quite complicated most weeks. My three are children after all.

Today I noticed a four-year-old boy, Jeffery, sitting very quietly in the pew behind mine. I was settling my boys before the meeting, and could tell they were feeling especially restless. I pointed to Jeffery and suggested that if a four-year-old could be reverent, I was sure they could, too. Samuel was offended by my assumption. "Mom, when Jeffery grows up, he'll get to be a boy, too!"

[Comments] (2) : "You have a lot to do today," he said over his breakfast bowl. "Shop for a present, bake me a cake, make a banner. . ." I got to everything but the banner. Happy birthday my little Sam Man.

[Comments] (3) Do You Skype?: I'm a new arrival to the world of Skype. We purchased a new iMac and it is gorgeous! Now, with the built in webcam, we have discovered the greatness of Skype. Do you want to chat?


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