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[Comments] (3) Do You Skype?: I'm a new arrival to the world of Skype. We purchased a new iMac and it is gorgeous! Now, with the built in webcam, we have discovered the greatness of Skype. Do you want to chat?


Posted by rachel at Mon Nov 30 2009 03:21

Alyson, get the video option on gchat. It's a lot more convenient. I never sign into skype unless I have a date but I am on gchat all the time I'm online.

Posted by John at Mon Nov 30 2009 08:25

I second Rachel.

Maybe it was just our experience, but everytime Susie logged onto Skype, women with large bosums wanted to chat with me. It seems like the ultimate scam. I much prefer gchat.

I never actually used Skype, so I can't comment if it's a good service or not. But it always seemed that people I didn't invite wanted to chat with me.

Posted by Emily at Mon Nov 30 2009 10:54

We use Skype all the time. We haven't had any problems with it.

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