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[Comments] (3) A Little Spotlight: Yesterday we were at the park with our friends when a news reporter came to get the local buzz on potential snowfall. I thought I'd share the link . Even though we didn't get snow this morning, we were on TV last night at 11pm (you can watch the video at the right). Samuel's response to being a star: "Hey, they changed my voice!"


Posted by Debbi T. at Fri Feb 12 2010 07:02

It's so good to see you and Samuel has not teeth! It made me miss you guys. I hope you get snow.

Posted by Sumana at Fri Feb 12 2010 08:40

Samuel looks so self-assured! And I hope you get to use your parka.

Posted by Susie at Fri Feb 12 2010 08:50

Very cool!

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