Software Calculated to Drive You Mad: Libraries


Reusable libraries, generally for use in web applications.

# ASCII, Dammit 2004 License: Public domain Python
A tool similar to The Demoroniser, but written as a Python library and capable of ASCIIfying not only MS smart quotes but (with varying degrees of accuracy) most of ISO-Latin-1. For use in fits of parochialism when you want something in ASCII, dammit. Can also convert such characters to HTML. See also the Unicode, Dammit library that comes with Beautiful Soup

# Ass-Kicking Laser Algorithm 2004 License: Python Python
This misleadingly-named library fetches and parses the XML file containing the most recent weblogs to have pinged Its name derives from a joke about things that have cool names but are actually quite dull.

# Beautiful Soup 2004-2006 License: Python Python
Beautiful Soup is an HTML/XML parser with no external dependencies and no soul. It doesn't care if you give it bad markup; you just get back a data structure that's bad in a corresponding way. It's designed for screen-scraping applications when you only care about part of the markup you're processing. It also uses any means neccessary to convert incoming documents to Unicode, using an ASCII, Dammit-like library called Unicode, Dammit.

# I Want Options 2002-present License: Python Python
I Want Options is a reusable configuration framework. It can be used to move a web applications' configuration data online with the rest of the data, to do user preferences, or anything else your twisted mind can think of. Originally developed for use in NewsBruiser.

# Internet Topic Exchange Client 2003 License: Public domain Python
This rather unimaginatively titled library provides Python bindings to the HTTP POST and XML-RPC API for the Internet Topic Exchange. Originally developed for use in NewsBruiser.

# Leonard's Obsequious Markup Producer 1999-present License: Python Python
LOMP is a very simple library for generating HTML text with CSS styling (CSS styling not included) and HTML forms. Originally developed for use in NewsBruiser.

# Rubyful Soup 2005 License: Ruby Ruby
Rubyful Soup is a Ruby port of Beautiful Soup.

# Scrape 'N' Feed 2005 License: Python Python
Scrape 'N' Feed contains almost all the code you need to scrape a web page and turn it into an RSS feed. Combine with Beautiful Soup for a tasty treat anytime.

# Template! The Musical 2002-present License: Python Python
T!TM is a library for doing template interpolation. It's fast and easy to use. Originally developed for use in NewsBruiser.

# Transfusion 2004 License: Python Python
Transfusion is a simple parser for the Moveable Type input format. Originally developed for use in NewsBruiser.

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