Software Calculated to Drive You Mad: Standalone software

Standalone software

Software designed to be run on your computer (assuming your computer runs some UNIX variant)

# Sales Rank Monitor July 26, 2006 License: Public domain Ruby
homepage/software/SalesRank/SalesRank.rb The Sales Rank Monitor tracks the sales rank of books and other items on Amazon, and makes graphs and sparklines out of the sales rank history. For obsessive-compulsive authors.

# KatzDot 1999 License: GPL Dada Engine
An automatic Jon Katz headline generator, written for the Dada Engine by my onetime roomate Dan Helfman, but with many textual contributions from myself.

# ksethdavidschoen Released September 27, 2002 License: Public Domain AMOR plugin
A little theme for AMOR which brings the floating head of world-famous hacker Seth David Schoen to your desktop. Written for Seth's 23rd birthday.

# robotfindskitten 1997-1999 License: GPL C
The most popular piece of free software I've ever written, and the only one ever to have spawned a developer community that didn't need me as a linchpin. An ncurses Zen simulation which has been ported to the Palm Pilot, the Dreamcast, the Game Boy Advance, and other unlikely places. It's also been included on the Linux Bootable Business Card and in Debian. I've handed robotfindskitten development over to the robotfindskitten consortium, of which I am a (mainly honorary) member.

# The Pocket Wisherman 2005 License: Python Python
The Pocket Wisherman slices and dices Amazon wish lists. It can group lists of books and music by author and genre and output HTML lists or densely formatted PDF 3x5 cards.

# The Power Of Greypoint March 23, 2003 License: Public domain Python
The Power Of Greypoint is a super-cheap presentation program. It's a Python script that turns a file full of ReST markup into a bunch of HTML presentation slides with invisible navigation. It requires docutils. I used it to make this presentation for PyCon 2003.

# What Fools These Mortals May 18, 2003 License: NetHack General Public License Python
What Fools These Mortals is a takeoff on NetHack in which you play a NetHack deity trying to keep your champion alive.

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