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[Comments] (2) (): Let there be a new year! Let there be new Jake Berendes West Covina!

[Comments] (1) () Not all animals are cute: rabbits : English Angora :: corn : Cheetos

[Comments] (1) () Logspammin': Today I received a piece of spam whose randomly-generated sender was "Horology K. Pullet," which conjures images of a great snake-oil peddler from yesteryear. "Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Be the first to try Dr. Horology K. Pullet's Patented Male Potency Restorative, and Low-Interest Home Refinancitive! You there, sir -- you look like a man who needs 50,000 names and addresses on a single CD-ROM!"

And one received some days earlier had the subject line "rQgVK authority is violence" which was pretty eloquent. Actually, I think Louis Saint-Just said it first. Or maybe he wrote to caution me about the Rqgvk Overlords.

[Comments] (1) () potato is so 2000: I'm surprised this guy didn't try bringing the computers back full of ham or slinkies. Still, it was probably pretty stable.

[Comments] (3) () Spam Inspired Musical Challenges, Part I: 95 T Jan 14 Patricia Mcclur ( 121) arctangent muzak

() Introducing Sony's New Android Comedienne!: 116 N Jan 18 Warren Hutchiso ( 94) gina hilarity

[Comments] (4) () Hail to the Chef: It's reassuring to know that our President enjoys ribs, and wants you to have some ribs too. Maybe the next time you are out with your family, you could order some ribs.

[Comments] (2) () Random Star Trek Musings I: I wish that Robert Guillame had guest-starred on DS9, preferably as a criminal or some thorn in Odo's side.

[Comments] (7) () Super Bowl S00per S3kr1t Performer Watch!: So, according to this article, there will be a secret performer at the Super Bowl half time show along with other big name stars. I don't give a whit about the Super Bowl, but my guess for the secret act is J. D. Salinger. I guess CBS has forced me to tune in to find out!

() Happy Anniversary, Baby: I realize I'm using up my guest weblog chits real fast these days, but I just gotta say, Dino Comix Is One Year Old Today!


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