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: Got up early today and went to band practice. The football game for tonight is changed to October 13, so I will be able to work in the yard when it cools down this afternoon. I guess I'm playing a little better, but need to graduate to a harder reed now. I made friends with the kid who is playing first. I'm playing second. Sabrina didn't show, and poor Debbie was all alone on tenor. We got our uniforms today and I took Tom's sax to the hospital (Armas Music) to see if they could overhaul it by Thursday night. I won't be able to practice before our public appearance then, but oh well, maybe I'll sound better once the loose felts and bent springs are fixed. They are supposed to call me if they can't get to it by Thursday so that I can come bail it out to use as is if it's not overhauled. Dr. Martinez accused me of playing an "almost" A major instead of B flat concert. Sheesh. I had it pushed in as far as it would go.


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