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: Today we got gates! Yay! The yard is coming along. I got up early and made breakfast for the missionaries, who then spread my manure for me. (Now the neighborhood reeks.) I also got lattices to put up against the west windows and solanum jasmodium to plant to grow up them. That's for tomorrow. Tonight was the annual Bakersfield College athletic barbecue, and I got a free steak dinner for playing in the band. I knew where I was in the music almost all the time, even if I wasn't playing the right notes. My uniform is way too big. Tom's sax is playing better since I took it to the hospital. I had to beg them on bended knee to get it overhauled before tonight since they (Armas Music) are so busy this time of year. They re-glued some pads, replaced some corks, tightened some springs, and did some word I've never heard of-- swinged the neck. The American Heritage Dictionary says that to swinge is an archaic form meaning to punish with blows, thrash, beat, but I seriously doubt Mr. Armas did that to Tom's saxophone.


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