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: Today after class I went to White Forest Nursery and picked up a brachychiton, three coast redwoods, two trumpet vines, a pink jasimine, a lemon, a grapefruit, a navel orange, and a Valencia orange. Then Gretel and I went back and we got a load of mulch. I spent the afternoon putting sprinkler pipe in the trenches my kids (mostly Leonard!) dug for me. The neighbor says she thinks it's going to look better than the cactus. (Ya think so?) My email is not working and Inreach says they don't know when it will be back. I can receive but not send. Oh well.

: Here is my questionnaire for the Iron Rod Group. 1. What kind of things do you have in and on your bedside table? Right now? Lamp, alarm clock, water glass (on a doily crocheted by my friend Nancy) a "Blue Elf" aloe (NOT aloe vera) plant in a small Chinese pot, picture frame with my kids in it, dispenser full of Mary Kay Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion, a bottle of itch gel and a tube of itch cream (black widow bites), a pattern for men's pajamas, size XL, Tad Callister's book on the Atonement, a dog biscuit, and a key that I don't know where it goes.

2. Describe autumn in your area of the world. My favorite season. All the roses (not mine; I don't have any... yet...) are again going full blast, the weather has cooled off (mid-70s now), but the leaves haven't fallen yet. My yard is entirely dug up ready for sprinkler pipes and fall planting. I hauled home three coast redwoods, a brachychiton, four citrus, a jasminium polyanthum, and two campsis radicans from the nursery this afternoon. In addition,I have three hydrangeas, two clemantis, a huckleberry, a daylily, a crocus collection (100 bulbs)! and a "daffodil grab bag" (50 bulbs!) that came in the mail on Saturday sitting in the dining room and six lycoris of various genera in the refrigerator.

3. If you were a season which one would you be? I suppose again autumn-- cf. Shakespeare's Sonnet LXXIII.

4. Do you decorate the fall season/holidays in your home? If so, how? I have a pumpkin (uncarved) plopped on my doorstep. The kids bought it when they came to visit me this weekend. I used to have a door wreath that I could change with the holidays, and last year it had been on Labor Day through the holidays and the entire year until the NEXT Christmas, whereupon it stayed Christmas until Easter and I took it down and threw it away. I'm a pretty busy person.

5. What volunteer or service experiences have you had lately? Uhhh... my first meeting as a member of the Ward Scout Committee was last night. Zehr interesante.

6. Are you fearful of world conditions right now? Nope. Armageddon... bring it on!


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