Jabberwocky for 2001 October 25 (entry 0)

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: I spent all day on the yard, testing pipe for leaks and filling in trenches. I am almost finished leveling the area I've been calling "Japanese Garden. " It's probably going to turn out to be more a Mediterranean Courtyard garden, what with this climate zone and all. I transplanted the weeping crabapple to the corner, planted the brachychiton, and rigged the lattices so that they can't blow or tip over. (Using framing clips and a 10 foot length of pressure treated 4X6, which features a caution label that says the State of California knows this product has arsenic in it.) Well, nobody better go out there and chew on the top of the block wall! I planted the clemantis against the lattice, but they are only tiny sprouts right now. I think I have finally gotten the front porch fountain to work, but I need to go to Pioneer in the morning to get more hose clamps por las dudas. My arm is just killing me.


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