Jabberwocky for 2001 October 28 (entry 0)

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: I am just beat. I took a look at the tiller and decided machines of that ilk should be left to folks with a Y chromosomes, so I took it back yesterday and bought a spading fork and a prong cultivator instead. With which I did half of the front yard. I planted redwood trees, hydrangeas, and various bulbs. Then I drowned the whole thing, using a portable sprinkler and a hose, since Mike James hasn't made it over to connect the sprinkler plumbing yet. The trees look good.

I didn't go to play saxophone at the football game last night because of my arm, but I read in the paper that we won. I did stay up until 1 a.m. grading all my papers; fortunately, it is the time change and so I gained an hour. It seems such a pity to gain an hour and use it grading papers.

I came home from church after Sacrament Meeting and took a very long nap, and now I am sorry because the house fairies didn't clean it while I was sleeping. Did I mention we have lots of mud tracked in?

I bought a different kind of betta food at CLS and they just love it. They really turn into sharks when they see me coming past their bowls. Also at CLS, I bought a sort of mouse/hamster/guinea pig replication that has a vibrating mechanism it it. You pull its little tail out and it sits and chitters, supposedly making life exciting for your cat. Well, my cats are very blase and it takes a lot more than a chittering fake fur blob to get them interested. They can't be bothered even with real rodents. Such pillow denters. However, Gretel found it and was carrying it around in her mouth, so it occurred to me that I could pull the tail and make it chitter while she had it in her mouth, and that would bring some excitement into the household. It did.


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