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: "It's been a quiet day in " Baketown. I cleaned house some in the a.m., then went and taught my class. My order came in from Wanda Boardman's Pampered Chef party. Yay! No more struggling with a half-melted egg separator. The PC one is metal and won't "travel" in the dishwasher. (IF I ever have a dishwasher again--no word from Mike James!) The citrus peeler is exactly like the one you win free at Tupperware parties. It's a racket, I tell you. The frosting spreader came with a recipe for butter pecan fudge, which I gave to Wanda and Midge Ladd, since they seemed interested in making it and I am not.

After work I went by Henley's to pick up my repaired camera flash and was waited upon by the Head Cheese himself, who slashed my repair bill in half. Whattaguy. Then I visited with Jill Langley. I took her a set of the Christmas ornaments I made and I petted Bartholomew, who sat on me and purred and purred.

Came home and fell apart the rest of the afternoon. I don't know why I'm so tired-- perhaps the pain killers are wiping me out still. I am back to cleaning house now. It looks like rain--the first of the season.


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