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: I took my baby Gretel to the vet to be spayed this morning. They told me that if I go to the Humane Society, I can get a $20 voucher toward the cost of the spay. Naturally, I went over there. I haven't been to the Humane Society in years and years, but the minute I got out of the car the rack of jackets on the sidewalk flagged me down and said, "Looky, looky!" So I bought a beautiful parka -- new!-- for $25. I got my voucher, but I don't think I made a profit.

: I went to the county fair by myself tonight. I couldn't find anyone who could go with me, and I figured, well, get used to doing stuff alone or sit home. I really wanted to go to the fair this year because I wanted a new cheese grater thingy, but my children are all gone and friends out of commission except for folks who want to go on Sunday or something. I chose tonight to go because Gretel is in the hospital getting spayed, so I wouldn't have to leave her home alone.

Anyhow, I had a really good time because I just visited whatever exhibits I wanted to see, took as long, or as little time as I wanted to, went to the cookware show and bought my grater, and wandered a little. For the first time in my life, I got to go into the Hall of Minerals and look at the dinosaur bones and crystals and stuff because nobody was with me telling me I couldn't and they didn't wanna, etc.

Noticed that my brother in law Garry had won best of show for his peaches (commercial grower.) Go Richardson Farms! Boy they looked good too. I guess I need to go out there one of these days and look hungry.

I found a rusty old horse shoe in the parking lot. Good luck, I suppose, unless the luck is all rusted out of it.

I ate some corn on the cob roasted in its husk at Bubba's Big Red Barn or some such place. It was wonderful! I didn't eat a cinnamon roll this time because I just made a batch yesterday, and I think I've gotten it down to where my homemade ones are better.

: Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I finally found a US flag to buy. At the Havana House Cigarette Cigarette Outlet! I have a pole and bracket for it that Rachel and I bought at Beverly's like two weeks ago, but nobody has had flags. I do own an Argentina flag (courtesy of DH's missionary days) and a Korea flag (they were giving them out at the closing ceremony of the 1984 Olympics) but I don't think it would "fly" to hang one of those out. As soon as my backhoe and tractor guys are finished stirring up dirt in the front yard I guess I'll climb up and mount that bracket. I also got a little stars and stripes grosgrain ribbon cockade at the Democratic Party booth at the county fair. It has a little label that says Proud to be an American and a Democrat. They were giving them away to any woman who is a registered Democrat. I don't know what they were giving to men. I'm just so patriotic!


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