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: Today I picked up Karen Nations and Kim Cornett and we went over to Beardsley School to watch Leeann Olson play volleball. I think she was a little embarassed but pleased to have all the "aunties" show up at her game. She played well and agressively, and I can't wait to watch her play basketball (starts in January.) "Our" team lost, but I took a lot of pictures, including one really good portrait of her standing in her sweaty uniform holding a volleyball under her arm. I'm looking forward to getting them developed.

After the game, we went with Karen Olson to lunch at Renee's for Karen Nations's birthday. Of course we had to spend a lot of time in Room With a View next door. The two grannies had a ball looking at all the cute baby things they have for sale in there. I asked KO if she thought I would become that silly when I am a grandma. Her reply: "I don't know, you are already plenty silly."

When I got home, Mike was here installing the gas log in the fireplace. It looks great! When he was finished, Gretel and I went out to hike on the Kern River Parkway and take the recycling in. Then, I had dinner with the Thiessens and the missionaries and we played a game of Scrabble, which I won due to a devious bingo over a double word score. Bro. Theiessen tried to cheat and play the word "roven" as in "We'll go no more aroven by the light of the moon", so I challenged him on it. This is the first time in my life I've ever had someone not back down when I challenged a word, but it wasn't in the dictionary, so I got the point and he lost his turn. It seems to me I should have had all the points he would have had if his word had been right, but we didn't know what the rule is and the rule book is missing from my Scrabble game.


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