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: Today I tunnelled under a sidewalk with eight lines of Sch. 40 PVC (with the help of Gretel). Then I planted all the citrus trees and ran sprinkler pipe for them and for the vegetable-garden-to-be. Then it started raining. Is now pouring.

Time to walk the talk. I said I got a puppy so I'd have to walk a couple miles every day no matter what the weather. Grrrrr.

I am reading Joseph Ellis's The Founding Brothers, which my brother Robert also picked up. The difference is that Robert chose to listen to the author reading this book. The college professor droning on and on really made Robert numb during his long commute. I don't think I would enjoy hearing the book read aloud at all, but it's a real page turner for me as a silent read. Funny thing. My book group friends didn't like it at all. I suppose they don't go in for all that analytical stuff. Reading this book has made me hungry to read the recent biography of Franklin.

: Mummy redux. I think I dug up another grave while digging holes for the Valencia orange tree. This one was ancient-- vintage Upper Whackotian, perhaps. "It" had been wrapped in a sheet of that bamboo slat fence cover stuff, which has long ago disintegrated. Remaining are the wire mesh woven ties that once held the bamboo together, and a bale of six inch long bamboo splits. No body, just black earth. And, hooray (!) one earthworm. Lots and lots of bamboo-- the stuff must be indestructable. Chinese fingernail torture, anyone?


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