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: The calligraphy is going well. I got the names of all the irises put onto rocks so I can plant them in the morning. Both irises and rocks. Park's Giant Rainbow of Iris Collection! (There's a redundancy in there... or a couple of them....) I planted all the lycoris and did their rocks. This was AFTER I dug mulch into mounds, filled in the rest of the sprinkler trenches in front, and dumped several wheelbarrow loads of old Bermuda grass, sticks, and roots. I did the biggest rock in my "collection" (not to be confused with any collections arriving via mail from Parks) for the sequoia sempervirens. I'm only going to label one of them. I figure people can surmise it's the same species of tree by the process of deduction. Or induction. Or association. Or they can just lookit the durn things.

Woohoo! We have a Cost Plus World Market here now, and today was the grand opening. They had a $10 coupon in the paper, and advertised a papasan chair for $35, so I went and bought one for my deck. Everyone in town was there for the grand opening. On the down side, House2Home has filed for bankruptcy, and will be closing their wonderful store.


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