Jabberwocky for 2001 December 7 (entry 0)

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: The elders came into ward council last week and asked everyone to take a challenge to pray for a missionary opportunity. When I did, I kept thinking of the tree service guy, so this morning I called his number out of the yellow pages.

Bummer. His wife answered (all hysterical) and said he had suddenly collapsed with cancer all through and is not expected to make it. So I talked to her all morning and told her that my DH had died when my kids were in elementary school and if she ever wants someone to listen to her or give her support, call me. I gave her my name and number. She said "You are the first person who has ever offered support to me." They have four kids. He is in the VA hospital in Los Angeles indefinitely, so I told her I would put his name in the temple there to get prayed for and he could see the temple from the hospital.

I invited her to the ward Christmas party but she said she's taking the kids down to see him that day. Poor thing, not only dealing with all this but having to deal with the VA red tape too. Plus the veterans' cemetery is right next to the hospital, so guess what they get to see all the time?

Then I was telling this experience to Terry Thiessen and he says he knows this tree service guy, knows where he lives, and it's in our ward! He has a reversing phone directory, so he's going to double check the address with the phone. So maybe we can do something for this family.

I HATE cancer. I think they should do away with it.


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